Guns McMenamin

Guns McMenamin is a repo man. He may be the best damn repo man that ever lived (at least that’s what he tells all the ladies). The life of a repo man is difficult, unrewarding, and life-threatening, but most of all it is a great excuse to drive recklessly and play with firearms: the only two things Guns loves more than his own two, admittedly beefy, arms.

Despite sometimes returning the repossessed vehicles with a few more bullet holes than it had before, Guns and his crew, Bo Sucki, Quarter Pounder and Steve, are called again and again to go after the cars that no other repo company has the fortitude to touch.

Because of this, Guns and his team often find themselves in the most unbelievable situations: gun fights with the mob, run-ins with powerful politicians, scuffles with bat wielding maniacs, and even the occasional confrontations with pirates, space aliens, or Confederate ghosts.

With the help of his partner and the other employees of Fais Do-Do Repeaux, Guns just might stay in business long enough to see everything, but it’s highly doubtful.

The first volume of the Guns McMenamin comic book is available now. You can obtain a copy by contacting us or visiting us at an upcoming show. "Just Another Thursday" is a 24 page collection of four short stories that guide you through a typical day in the life of our heroic repo men.