Big Blue Fly is a creative studio that produces awesome mobile applications, graphic novels, and short films under the direction of founder, Patrick Rills.

Duffy is an elegant steps complication for your Apple Watch and an easy way to view your steps, flights climbed and distance travelled on your iPhone.


An iPhone app that is the fun way to doodle and take notes on the go! Squiddle gives you the freedom to use your finger to sketch your thoughts right onto your phone at the exact moment they are on your mind.

Like That

"Like That" is a modern love story that’s a little complicated. Reed Hapwood is an eccentric college student who has found something he didn’t know he was looking for: a girlfriend.

Guns McMenamin

Guns McMenamin is a repo man. He may be the best damn repo man that ever lived. The life of a repo man is difficult, unrewarding, and life-threatening, but most of all it is a great excuse to drive recklessly and play with firearms.

Zoey 3000

Being the first human child of a robot, Zoey 3000 can’t seem to ever escape the stern lecturing of her father, especially since he’s now downloaded into her subconscious. You could say her brain is grounded like...forever.

Short Films
Peter Parker's First Day

What happens when photographer, Peter Parker, moves to Metropolis to work for the Daily Planet? Well for one, ace reporter, Clark Kent, is real suspicious.

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