Zoey 3000

Zoey 3000 is the first human child of a robot. Being the daughter of a robot can make life easier: it gives her abilities such as super-genius level thought which she utilizes to calculate probabilities in battles, crack codes and passwords, solve complex problems instantly, and engineer ships and other technology. However, it has a downside. When her father was forced to disappear under threat of political imprisonment, Zoey's computer-encoded DNA allowed him to download his consciousness into Zoey's brain, unbeknownst to her. Now, you could say her brain is grounded like...forever.

Making matters worse, Zoey's home planet of Earth was conquered by a tyrannical alien race known as the Kabukirian. These oppressive aliens, in addition to causing her father to be exiled, outlawed technological innovation altogether. This makes Zoey and her trusty sidekick, Slurp, essentially wanted criminals since they use Zoey's massive tow-ship to salvage scraps from the wreckage of space battles and illegally build spaceships for sale on the black market. It pays well, but being a technology adept human can be outright dangerous as Zoey and Slurp are constantly outrunning Kabukirian ships as well as other cutthroat rival scavengers.

From the moment she was born, Zoey 3000 was a target. Zoey was the first human child of a robot, and her dad wasn't just any old robot. OOP Model 3000 was renown for gaining consciousness and being the universe's most prolific inventor, almost rendering Earth's patent office obsolete. For a while, Zoey was the focus of a relentless media making her the planet's most famous toddler.

Now, since the Kabukirian rule Earth, a 16-year-old Zoey finds herself in their cross hairs. Their banishment of technology has made Zoey invaluable, but also a nomadic outlaw. Armed with her self-constructed tow-ship, Zoey travels about space salvaging parts from battles and building black market custom spaceships. She's earned her spot atop the Kabukirian's most wanted list, and there are few spots in the universe where she feels safe.

Zoey is courageous, steadfast and has a good moral compass even if her ego-centric cockiness makes for a horrible first impression.