Privacy Policy


Duffy does not transmit any information to any of our servers or to any third party. Duffy requests permission to read your steps data from the Apple Health app and only displays that information to you in an easily consumable way on your iPhone and Apple Watch. All of your data stays stored within the Apple Health app which is encrypted on your device. Read more information about how Apple Health stores your data.

Diagnostic Information

Duffy does not track app usage or collect diagnostic data. But because Duffy runs on Appleā€™s watchOS and iOS operating systems, information about your use may be collected by Apple. This is an operating system-wide feature not specific to Duffy itself. Read more information on what kind of app data Apple collects or view Apple's privacy policy

Open Source

Duffy is an open source project. If you still have concerns about what Duffy does or how it works, the source code is available for review on our GitHub repository.

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