Duffy Elegant steps complication

Duffy is a simple app, but it will probably turn into the most used app on your Apple Watch. Duffy provides access to your step count directly on your Apple Watch face as a complication. I was surprised to find that this wasn’t included as an Apple Watch feature out of the box, so I built it for myself and now I’m releasing it to the masses for free! No more opening the Activity app and scrolling around to find your steps. It’s now available at a glance.

Duffy is simple, but it’s more than just an elegant Apple Watch complication. Use the full watch app for easy access to your steps, flights climbed and distance travelled for today and the past week. Set a daily steps goal and be notified on your watch when you reach it. The companion iPhone app provides the same access to your steps, flights and distance on a much larger, easier-to-read surface while also allowing you to dig deeper into your data to see trends and statistics over time.

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